Are You?

Struggling to get your business or non profit off the ground?
Barely covering expenses (or not yet covering expenses)?

Tired of spinning your wheels without feeling like you’re making any progress?

Frustrated with a business or non profit that feels more like a hobby?
Tired of working long hours without the money to show for it?

I can help!
I’m Michelle Smith, speaker and business coach.

What if business didn’t have to be hard?
What if you could spend more time with friends and family while making more money?
This program will take you through the process of starting (or revamping) a business or non profit so you can charge more, get high-quality clients in the door, and make more money while living a life of joy and fulfillment.

What’s Included?

My Book: Be Strategic, Be Intentional, Be Successful

I fully believe that being successful starts with being intentional. Once you’ve identified a clear direction for your business and a path to achieve your goals, everything else gets easier. This book is designed to be the cornerstone of your roadmap to success, helping you clarify everything from your branding to your ideal client. When you have a strategy for growing your business, you can be intentional about everything you do in your business going forward, and that’s the key to success.

Go At Your Own Pace Video Series

Each chapter of the book has a video that brings the information to life. You’ll find examples for both non profits and small businesses that will help you broaden your ideas about what is possible. Best of all, the videos are short which makes watching, or listening, to them easy to fit into your to-do list. This program is packed with tips and information to help you skyrocket your business to success, which can make it a little overwhelming. So, I’ve set things up to easily go at your own pace so you can take advantage of all the juicy wisdom in here without getting overwhelmed.

Private Facebook Community & Discounted Coaching Calls

Only my clients get access to my private Facebook community, where you can meet like-minded entrepreneurs and non profits facing a lot of the same challenges you’re facing in your business. This is a safe space to commiserate with other professionals, as well as give and ask for advice. When you enroll in the Strategize Your Success Program, you receive Lifetime Access to the Private Facebook Community and a discounted rate on private coaching calls for those times when you need extra support in your business or life.

Online Portal with Lifetime Access

The online portal holds all your videos and the ebook and can be accessed from anywhere at any time. You can easily binge watch a bunch of lessons at once or do them one at a time. Your enrollment in the program comes with unlimited access to all the resources so you can use them on your schedule, and if you need to revisit a video or book chapter, you can do so at any time.

Program Topics Include

Branding Your Business

How to make sure everything is aligned with your brand, so you stand out from the crowd.


You’re in business to make money, so let’s talk about how to get paid, keeping track of expenses, and managing the money coming into your business.

Marketing 101

You can’t have a successful business if no one knows it exists. Learn how to create a marketing strategy so you can get your business in front of the right people at the right time.

How to Prioritize and Strategize

There are always a million things to do when you own a business. Learn how to identify the needle-moving activities for your business so you know what needs to happen next and what can wait.

Tools and Resources

Today’s technology let’s you get more done in less time. Learn about the tools and resources I use to maximize my time and effort.

Support Team

When it’s time to bring other people into your business, it’s important to know the best strategies to delegate and accept help from others.

Products and Services

Assess your offerings to make sure you are providing value and charging what you’re worth.


Stop wasting time in meetings and learn how to leverage networking to drive success for your business.

Yes, I want to Enroll in strategizing your success program

About Michelle

Michelle Smith started her business, Z&B Consulting, because she was literally sick and tired of working all the time and not spending quality time with her family. She knew there was a better way, and not only did she want to live a life that fulfilled her both personally and professionally, but she also wanted to show other entrepreneurs and non profit staff how they could achieve the same level of success in their business without sacrificing time with their families. Since launching her own business, Michelle has helped countless entrepreneurs and nonprofits work smarter, not harder, so they can increase their revenue without the burnout.

What Will You Learn

What makes you and your business or nonprofit unique.
What you want to offer and what ways of doing things make the most sense for you based on your strengths and weaknesses.
Different ways to market your business and get the word out and which make the most sense for your business and your persona styles.


When does the course start and finish?

This is a completely self-guided course. You get to decide when you start and how quickly you go through each of the activities. You also have the option to come back and revisit any or all of the activities whenever you want for as long as you have access to the course.

How long do I have access to the program?

You have Lifetime Access to all course materials, the Private Facebook Community and Discounts on Private Coaching Calls.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you decide within the first 5 days of enrolling that the course is not for you, just reach out to us for a full refund. After 5 days, your payment is nonrefundable.


I met Michelle at a volunteer function for the Whiteoak Library referendum. I was “in between” jobs at the time and seriously contemplating going out on my own. We got to talking about what she does for a living and what my skill set is and we hit it off.

Meeting her changed my life!

She gave me direction that helped me narrow my focus. My business has changed in a year’s time as she’s listened and pulled out what I really want to do. I feel great having her at my back. Her personality and knowledge are boundless. It’s impossible to be down in her presence. She is very upbeat and encouraging. She points out things to celebrate and really makes you feel good. She is truly proud of each one of her clients and wants them to succeed.
Michelle knows a ton of people and has worked with many. Those that I have met tell me that she is awesome to work with. She comes highly recommended from lots of people and now comes highly recommended from me. Thanks for everything. I wouldn’t have gotten this far without her.

~ Jennifer Mordecai, Mobile Office Assistant

As I was nearing retirement from 25+ years of nonprofit management, I wanted to pursue my lifelong dream of becoming a successful writer. Michelle steered me through the last year of my nonprofit career; with her coaching, we developed profitable fundraising events, set up marketing plans to continue the work after I retired, and trained staff to prepare for the transition in leadership. Then we focused on getting my own writing business off the ground. Because of her coaching and classes, I learned to set sustainable goals, target the right audiences and markets for my work, and build accountability into my creative process.

Now I am a full-time freelance writer and digital nomad. I write about travel, relationships, race and equality, and aging adventurously. My work has appeared in Thrive Global, the Chicago Tribune, Mothering Magazine, Human Parts, ZORA, American Baby, the London Reader, PopSugar, Mamamia, Mamalode, and many others.

Michelle helped me turn my dream into reality

~ Kay Bolden, Writer & Editor

Not yet ready to enroll?

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